Thursday, September 17, 2009

A very busy week almost done

There is definitely a benefit to being busy, especially with three boys who like to do things all. the. time. It's probably also beneficial, even if it doesn't make sense, to be busy when you aren't feeling to well since it means we are out of the house more (and less likely to deal with behavior issues stemming from being "bored"). So, this week was a blessing. 

We have been to the dentist, the library, the park, PE class, the park again, grocery shopping, and Fed-Ex Office to laminate ID cards so far this week. Tonight there's baseball practice. I think tomorrow is free of anything scheduled outside the home. Even so, we have had a some-what productive week (it started out less than productive as I was not feeling well). Today was probably the best day thus far. I swear, making sure I am up well before anyone else wakes and getting ready is a huge factor for determining how our days go. 

We started our morning with "Monkey Match" - we played memory with the vocabulary cards from Song School Latin. Though we have only technically done chapter 1 in SSL, we have a bit more vocabulary under our belts from Minimus, so we were able to play with about 10-12 pairs of cards. The boys had a blast (except Vlad when Nomar kept getting all the pairs first). Even Luke Skywalker (3 y.o.) is learning a fair amount of Latin. We also sung our songs (I'm skipping the alphabet song - young Luke is still learning his English alphabet and I don't need to confuse him with missing W's and such). We'll start chapter 2 in both Song School Latin and Minimus on Monday.

I also pulled out our Explode the Code books that were sitting on the shelf - level 3 for Nomar and level 2 for Vlad. Wednesdays are short mornings due to PE, so we don't get spelling done. I figured spelling 3x a week and then ETC 2x a week would be good practice for them, and with the novelty of the ETC workbooks, they are loving it. ;)


  1. I like being busy too. We all feel better when we are out and about. So true about the behavioral thing.

    Very cool curriculum. You've got me thinking about doing Latin with my son!

  2. We recently started using ETC upon the suggestion of another homeschooler, and they've been great review. :) I think the actual book we'd need is level 2-3 right now, but we started from the beginning and are way at Book C. Great handwriting practice on the lowercase letters. Spelling is going great - using AAS about 3x a week as well! :)

  3. M.J. - I'm finding that Latin is fun to learn, though honestly I don't know if it is more fun unlocking the mysteries of a long-dead language or the response of others when I tell them we are learning Latin. :)

    Angela - Great to hear about AAS going so well. :) I am loving it too. I think what impresses me most of all of it is how nicely AAS, Hooked on Phonics and now ETC are meshing together for my boys.