Wednesday, September 9, 2009

School Days

Today is back to school for the kids in our school district. I remember most of my thirteen back to school days (K-12). Despite not enjoying school all that much, I did enjoy the first week or so. There's something about newness that makes things more bearable - the new crayons, new backpacks & lunch boxes, and new clothes. Because we all went to our neighborhood school, I didn't have the anticipation of seeing all my friends again; we had seen each other non-stop all summer long. But the newness of the year was exciting. (The newness wore off after a week or so - usually by the time the first tips of the crayons began to dull.) It is probably the one thing I wonder if my boys will ever miss, though having never experienced it, I cannot be sure that it would be missed. Can you miss something you never had? 

I think to mark the day, we'll take school pictures so I can make them their own school ID cards (they are only helpful for when we do things like visit the Natural History Museum, and their IDs get them in for reduced price, and for the coolness factor for the boys). Other than that, our day is not too much different from any other Wednesday; we are off to PE (though we won't stay long as our good friends won't be there today), I hope to start Song School Latin, and plan on having my oldest make it all the way through his core subjects today (yesterday's attention span was a bit lacking, shall we say).


  1. Ah yes, the newness of the new shoes, clothes, school supplies... I remember all that. :) And I loved cracking open the new textbooks too.

    School ID cards, what a great idea! I'll have to do that this month.

  2. Unfortunately, I was not one to like my school years much, either. But you are so right about the newness of the school year that makes it all seem OK, even if just for a little while. :o) I honestly don't think you have to worry about your boys missing it. You are creating so many other wonderful memories with them, that I don't think the things that they are "missing" matter all that much.

    Oh, and the smell of new textbooks!

  3. Yes! The first day was always wonderful... The new class, the new teacher, and yes the new SCHOOL SUPPLIES. New hopes and dreams, would this be the year that everything was different? Not that it lasted long, but yes it was sweet. I LOVED back-to-school shopping too. Heehee...

    I've seen this idea just recently about doing "school photos" to mark the start of the year. We school year-round, taking breaks whenever we need it, but there is a perceptual shift when all the other kids do go back to school. We might try doing formal photos like that. :)

  4. Yay, I made our new Homeschool ID cards today, inspired by you! Except I need to get an updated picture, the one currently on the card is probably a year old by now. :) Will hopefully get that done tomorrow.

  5. wow, you really brought me back to my elementary school days. i enjoyed elementary school very much, except for all the teasing. For the most part I enjoyed it, and the first days of school were the best! Thanks for taking me "there."